Compact Terra Prime Movie Server 8TB (SSD)


Terra Prime movie servers feature an all-new board design, faster processing power, and a faster network. Offering faster downloads than its predecessor, with the highest capacity. Terra Prime adds increased performance and storage capabilities.

Terra Prime stores movies, TV series, and concerts on an array of enterprise-class hard drives. Content stored on the movie server is played back on Strato players.

Made in the USA, Kaleidescape movie servers are custom-designed and manufactured for reliable, premium performance.

Kaleidescape’s operating system (kOS) is custom-developed, managed, and controlled internally, with automatic updates, providing the best experience of any movie server on the market.

Name File Name
Kaleidescape-Compact-Terra-Movie-Server-2 Kaleidescape-Compact-Terra-Movie-Server-2.pdf
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