NERO 4S (4K UHD HDR High Brightness)

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Enjoy the clarity and realism of the top of the line of SIM2’s single-chip DLP®-based projectors: UHD (Ultra High Definition) images with SIM2’s all-new NERO 4S projector. Featuring Texas Instruments’ DLP® 4K UHD chipset, NERO 4S delivers exceptional 4K images, high brightness (up to 6000 ANSI lumens) light output in hi-bri mode) and an accurate, vibrant color palette.

Key features DLP Technology for a true “Hollywood” Picture quality experience 1-chip DMD UHD 4K UHD Image resolution New, high-precision telecentric optical path High Brightness: up to 6000 Ansi Lumens Zoom & Focus position encoders Adjustable iris with memory SIM2 Perfect Fit Feature HDR Capability Made-in-Italy design

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NERO_4S_User_manual_EN NERO_4S_User_manual_EN.pdf
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