VicCinema VMT | Mega Bass Trap Kit | Black Frame | Beige Cen

Stock Code: B06296

Mega Bass Trap VMT is a broadband bass trap that will help deal with frequencies from 80Hz onwards.

The significant advantage of a broadband bass trap is that it will help you deal with the low-end frequencies and at the same time with the medium and high frequencies. This means that one will have most of the audible frequencies taken into account with a single product. As everyone knows, if one really wants a good room to work, and to enjoy music or to see a film, one will definitely need to take into consideration all audible frequency spectrums and not only the low end.

The Mega Bass Trap VMT will also be able to handle the acoustic defects of most rooms, such as flutter echoes and speaker boundary interference. Vicoustic was able to develop a product with superb acoustic performance, mostly made of recycled content (plastic water bottles), that is recyclable at the end of life and that also takes into account important things to consider in a room such as air quality and human safety. And like any other VMT product, the front is totally customizable. With 5 selected VMT colors and 3 different frame finishes, one box of Mega Bass Trap VMT (two units) includes the VMT front and VicPET Wool filling to maximize the absorption. Designed for corners, this specific version can also be installed in the corners of the ceiling, using the optional fixation accessory Mega Bass Trap VMT Horizontal Kit.

Main Info Dimensions: 1788×680×384mm / 70,4"x26,8”×15,1” Raw Material: VicPET Wool, Wood and Lacquered Steel Scratch Resistance: No Washable: Yes Performance Functionality: Bass Trap Absorption Frequency Range: Broadband absorption Fire Rate Europe: TBA Packaging Information Units/Box: 2 (2 boxes) Box Dimensions: 1845x700x155mm / 72.6''x27.5''x6.1'' | 620x1133x125mm / 24.4''x44.6''x4.9'' Box Gross Weight: 36,25kg Installation Fixation: Screwed to the wall Place: Corner

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