VicVibro RWM2.03

Stock Code: B00484

Anti-vibration wall mountings to prevent structural transmission through walls. Highly recommend to achieve structural stability of double-leaf walls, and at the same time prevent unwanted sound transmission to adjacent rooms. These units are a must when building walls with sizable dimension. A security device is integrated to avoid collapse in case of fire: the insulators have a central axis threaded into a metal sole plate that is fixed to the wall, the EPDM body will eventually be destroyed. The isolator is recommended for ceramic tile surfaces or cavity walls.

Main Info Dimensions: 323 x 238 x 143 mm Scratch Resistance: N/A Washable: N/A Performance Functionality: Anti-vibratic Absorption Frequency Range: N/A NRC: N/A Raw Material: Elastic EPDM rubber and steel Fire Rate Europe: N/A USA: N/A Canada: N/A Packaging Information Units/Box: 50 Box Dimensions: 323 x 238 x 143 mm Box Gross Weight: 4.8kg new-tab Installation: The first unit should be applied 1.50 m from the floor. The second unit should be applied 3.00 m from the floor. So on and so forth. The last unit should be applied between 10 and 30 cm from the acoustic ceiling. Remember that the installation of the wall mountings should be in a criss-cross sequence (please see the installation procedure sheets)

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